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                     SpyHunter Security Suite v3.12.31 + Crack

Release date: January 22, 2010 (01/22/2010)

Protection against: Spyware, Adware, Spyware Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft,
Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Malware, Worms, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software,
Phishing, Popups, Malicious Websites, etc.

SpyHunter detects and removes spyware of different kinds from your computer.
Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do
not yet cover. If you are seeing things like excessive popups, new toolbars in
your Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install, if your browser
crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most
probably have spyware.

SpyHunter has the most advanced update feature that continually improves its
Spyware fighting capabilities on a daily basis. As Trojans and Spyware get more
complex to avoid detection by Anti-Spyware programs, SpyHunter responds with new
technology to stay one step ahead.

SpyHunter is the latest in spyware detection and removal. Spyhunter will hunt down
and remove from your machine spyware/adware. SpyHunter utilizes proprietary
developed techniques to remove difficult programs that other anti-spyware programs
cannot. Our scanner has been timed and it is extremely fast and efficient.

SpyHunter Key Benefits:

- Detect, remove and block spyware, adware, keyloggers, cookies, trojans,
  worms and other types malware.
- Remove spyware programs that may be slowing down your computer.
- Online updates of the latest Trojan and Spyware threats.
- Interactive one-on-one customer support service.
- Scan your entire computer – NEW spyware definitions added every week.
- Easy to use interface with intelligent automatic protection.
- Custom fixes for your specific Spyware problems.
- SpyHunter is one of the most reliable detection, removal, and protection
  anti-spyware/anti-trojan programs on the web.
- Used by Millions worldwide!

SpyHunter Key Features:

* Easy to Use
SpyHunter is an advanced technology designed specially for people like you, not
experts. It is automatically configured out of the box to give you optimal
protection with limited interaction so all you need to do is install it for
immediate and ongoing protection.

*SpyHunter Scanner
SpyHunter has been carefully engineered to be powerful and complete enough for the
most demanding technical professional, yet simple enough for a first-time computer
user to safely and effectively utilize. With just a simple click, SpyHunter Scanner
will scan your computer’s memory, registry, cookies, and files. Items found to be
infected will then be listed for you.

To find out more information about a specific object, merely select it. When you
are ready to remove any infected files, all you have to do is check the box next
to the item and hit the “Start Remove” button. All objects that you remove are
then placed in SpyHunter’s quarantine area. Simple as that!

*Process Guard
SpyHunter contains an advanced Process Guard feature, designed to give complete
control over which processes are authorized to run on your system, and allowing
you to identify and stop malicious processes before they are even executed. Using
Process Guard, you are able to allow certain processes to run, while blocking
those do might feel are malicious or unnecessary.

A list of these processes is available to you to edit as you see fit. By selecting
a specific item, you can recieve Windows information related to that process or,
alternatively, you may select the "More Info" button to retrieve accurate and
up-to-date information off the Internet.

*Registry Guard
In addition to Process Guard, SpyHunter contains a Registry Guard feature,
designed to give you complete control over which processes are authorized to add
auto-start entries to your Windows registry. This feature will identify and stop
any processes that attempt to secretly auto-start malware by exploiting the
Windows registry.

Registry Guard works exactly the same as Process Guard, with a list of processes
presented to the user to peruse, offering options that allow certain processes to
write to the registry, while being able to block others. The "More Info" button
retrieves accurate and up-to-date information from the Internet.

*Active X Guard
An ActiveX control is an object that is often used to extend different
functionalities to Internet Explorer. These include browser toolbars, document
viewer plugins, and a wide array of other add-ons. Many ActiveX controls are
actually beneficial, but malicious programs frequently use ActiveX controls in
order to embed themselves onto your system through browser security exploits or
compromised security settings.

SpyHunter’s definition database contains a comprehensive list of malicious ActiveX
objects, which will be automatically loaded to the blocked list. This file is
updated continuously by our definitions team. SpyHunter will automatically block
any ActiveX objects in the “Disabled” list from being executed, while also
offering you the option to manually add and remove certain ActiceX objects
from the list.

*Network Sentry
The SpyHunter Network Sentry is designed to give you complete control over your
system networking settings, and to prevent malicious objects from modifying and
disrupting your Internet connection. In addition to HOSTS file protection,
SpyHunter also offers an option to protect other Windows system files from
unauthorized modification. These can be manually selected by the user, offering
you a lot more control over what you wish to keep safe.

SpyHunter also contains advanced functionality designed to prevent malware from
hijacking your desired Internet Explorer homepage. Lastly, SpyHunter can be
configured to monitor your DNS servers and notify if an unsolicited modification
takes place. This prevents tricky Trojan and malware organizations from
redirecting you to a phishing or malware site.

*Scan Scheduler
SpyHunter incorporates an advanced Scan Scheduler feature, which allows you to
run a complete SpyHunter scan at a pre-set time, even if you are away from your
computer. Easy to access and use, the Scan Scheduler allows you to pre-set the
scan time at daily, weekly and monthly intervals. If you opt for the daily scan,
you can choose to run the scan every day, every other day, every weekday, or at
any interval of days that you choose. If you choose the weekly scan, you will be
able to select the day of the week that your scan will be scheduled for and for
the monthly scan, select the day of the month that your scan will be scheduled
for. Please note that your computer must be powered on at the time that your scan
is scheduled to run. If the computer is not turned on, the scan cannot execute!

Spyware, malware, Trojans, and viruses are created, updated, and distributed on a
daily basis. SpyHunter includes an automated Update feature (configurable via the
Options panel) as well as a manual update method. Under the SpyHunter Update panel,
the following options will be available to you:

Program Update – which will check for new versions of SpyHunter.
Definition Update - which will check for new spyware definitions.

SpyHunter Options:

Automatically check for updates – SpyHunter will automatically contact the Enigma
Software Group servers to check for the availability of new program & definitions
updates each time it starts.

Automatically download and install definition updates – SpyHunter will
automatically download and install any available definition file updates.

Start SpyHunter Security Suite on Boot – SpyHunter will be configured to
automatically load each time you boot your computer.

Start SpyHunter Scan on Boot – SpyHunter will automatically start and begin
scanning your machine each time you boot your computer.

Minimize Security Suite on startup – SpyHunter will start minimized, visible
only as a taskbar icon. SpyHunter’s real-time protection features will still
operate at full capacity.

Prompt if any important windows components are disabled – SpyHunter will monitor
your Windows settings and prompt you if a process attempts to disable the task
manager or other important Windows components.

Prompt if web content is used on desktop – SpyHunter will monitor Windows settings
and prompt you if active web content is being used on your desktop.

System Requirements:
- Windows All

More info:


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It's in the benefit of TPB and all reliable users to warn each other about people
who intenionally keep posting fake comments & files. It's an easy answer against
those who intenionally keep posting fake comments & files, which is a never
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When reporting errors or false positives just keep in mind that what goes up for
one does not always goes up for another. That's for both the working of an app
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Let's just try to help each other and TPB by thinking about what's said & posted.
Things are all up to you, the "United Reliable The Pirate Bay Users"!

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* Status torrent at January 26, 2010 - 02.15 CET: clean, tested & working.

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